Providing care and compassion to those less fortunate in the developing world


Genesis was first registered in Western Australia in 1982 as a Counselling and Training Service to the general public.  The founders, Pastor Ray and Cheryl Jenner together took a step in faith, agreeing never to draw a salary from the Ministry.  The first clients were seen in the Jenners home in Subiaco, then in 1983, rooms were obtained in Stirling Street, Perth near the Railway Station.  A hot lunch was provided every day for the needy and soon the facilities became too small for the rapidly expanding Ministry.

In 1984 the Training Service was moved to Kings Park Road and the Counselling Service remained in Stirling Street until the following year when a Motel in Wattle Grove was offered to the organisation for use as a rehabilitation centre.  Clients lived in the complex for up to two years and many were set free from years of addiction and anti-social behaviour.

In 1985 Genesis Counselling & Training Service was Incorporated and accepted as a Public Benevolent Institution with gifts to the fund allowable deductions for Income Tax purposes (Item 81(1)(c).

In 1988 Genesis moved from the Motel to rooms in Kensington until 1998 when the building was demolished.  From that time until the present, Counselling has been on an appointments basis both North and South of the Swan River or via the internet using email and msn.

In 1994, Genesis was registered as a Society in Kenya (Certificate of Registration 16218 31st May, 1994) and by 1999 was registered as an Non-Governmental Organisation in Uganda (Certificate of Registration 1750, 9th April, 1999).

Pastor Ray died in 2005 and at the time the work in Africa had grown to supporting 1000 orphans and widows in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

In January, 2009 Cheryl married Joseph Compagnone and together they are supporting and expanding the Ministry.

Beneficiaries of Genesis in Africa now number more than 7000 with widows learning income generation and orphans being educated in nursery, primary, secondary and vocational colleges.

In Uganda, Genesis have been instrumental in starting a Secondary School, then 5 feeder Primary Schools and now a Vocational Training College.  Children may now join Nursery school and stay with our organisation until the end of their school years and finish with a 1 or 2 year vocational training course.

Without out Ugandan Director Henry Twinamasiko, this growth would not have been possible.  Cheryl travels to East Africa from Western Australia every year from August until October, photographing every child who is sponsored and delivering gifts from sponsors.

Board of Directors

As a registered Charity in  Western Australia, Genesis is governed by a Board of Directors:

  • Pastor Nigel Merrick (Chairman/Director)  
  • Cheryl Compagnone (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Jan Peletier (Vice Chairman)
  • Joe Compagnone 
  • Jennie Watkins
  • Esther Koh 
  • Esha Begho
  • Victor Folarin
  • Chas Fallon
  • Anne Peletier

We also have a Board of Directors in both Kenya and Uganda