Providing care and compassion to those less fortunate in the developing world


This Home was started in September 2002 by ANNE MUGANE who had previously been involved in distributing food and offering rehabilitation to street children and orphans.  The original Home was located in Mtumba slums in the South C area of Nairobi - sandwiched between the Nairobi Game Park, Wilson Airport and the sprawling South C Estate.

Most of the slum dwellers live under plastic and cardboard (some have old iron sheeting) without running water or toilets.  As we walk among the shacks, the paths leading in and out are littered with human waste.




This is the original home in the slums of Nairobi







Genesis first met Anne and became involved in the plight of the Merciful Redeemer Children's Home in January, 2003.  We returned to Perth and raised funds desperately needed to pipe water into the slums, returning to complete the project in September, 2003.

Since that time, there have been amazing changes!  A 10 Acre plot of land was purchased in a remote area near Kitengela, Athi River.  Beautiful stone buildings have been completed with both girls and boys dormitories; dining room and kitchen; a Primary School and even a 185M bore for fresh water which enables fresh vegetables to be grown.


As the children live and go to school on the site, sponsorship is A$20 per month which includes their new school uniforms every year, food and accommodation. Only half of the children are currently sponsored.