Providing care and compassion to those less fortunate in the developing world


Oloontulugum Primary School is situated in remote Oloontulugum, reached by 4-wheel drive vehicle on unsealed roads from the Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

More than 300 children, mainly Maasai, attend this school and it has been a privilege to see the school develop as Genesis has provided school uniforms for the children.

The thorn tree is very typical of the terrain and the only shade available in the heat of the day.

Children attending Oloontulugum often walk many miles each day to attend school and as there is no town for many miles around, it was difficult for teachers to get to school as there is no regular transport available.

Genesis agreed to build accommodation for the teachers if the parents and friends of the school would produce mud bricks during the year.  The women walked up to 3km carrying 20kg containers of water to make 6,500 mud bricks - a tremendous effort.




As difficult as the work was, these Maasai women recognize the value of education and necessity of providing living quarters for teachers.


Sponsorship for children at this school is just A$10 per month.  Many of the children are AIDs orphans, but with hope for their future.