Providing care and compassion to those less fortunate in the developing world

Where did all these little boys come from?

Tabitha is a wonderful Mum to so many unwanted boys in Kenya. She works with the Kenyan Children’s Office, the Kenya police force and numerous other Government bodies. Wherever possible, boys are re-integrated into their families and supported to stay in school. The home is currently home to more than 40 boys between 5 and 18 years of age.

Life can be cruel - perhaps Dad left Mum and the only way she could survive was to remarry. What if the new husband refuses to accept the children and there is no-one to care for them.

So many end up on the street, are rescued and come to live at Rapha Boys

Genesis sponsors the Rapha boys school uniforms annually, and collects and sends Australian donations for sponsors.


A beautiful school has been built on site.

Maize crops, a greenhouse and several cows provide food. Finally these boys are safe.

Sponsorship is $20 per month because the boys are fully catered for on site. Many boys are available, waiting for you to be their sponsor.