Providing care and compassion to those less fortunate in the developing world


Rubaare Secondary School was established by Henry Twinamasiko in 2002.  Henry is an unusual young man who is being used mightily by the Lord, accepting young students who are orphans, refugees and victims of the ongoing rebel war in the North of Uganda.  The school is unable to charge the appropriate fees for education because so many of the students are destitute.  We allow the students to work, extending the school in their holidays, to pay for half school fees and Genesis sponsorship pays the remainder.



Cheryl and Henry at a meeting in Uganda


The students have made the mud bricks and built every classroom extending each year as more and more students arrive.  We currently offer A and O levels for 4 and 6 years respectively and every student is offered the opportunity to return after graduation for two years of practical skills in the Vocational school, gaining a Diploma on graduation.  We are offering courses in primary teaching; mud brick making; building; carpentry; electrics; plumbing; textiles; tailoring; knitting; animal husbandry; farming and vegetable seed beds.


All students attending the school are provided with a cooked lunch at school every day.  They are all healthy and happy.  We have our own clean water supply as well as separate boys and girls dormitories; a Chapel/Community Hall to seat 2,000 plus a fully equipped Guest House for short-term workers.


Teachers at the school are committed Christians and work for half salary because of the ethos of accepting all students regardless of their ability to pay school fees.


During 2009 we commenced building of accommodation for female teachers.  Homes for 8 females will be completed in 2010.


In 2010, after the October Conference, building of homes for married teachers will commence, then the following year, male teachers will be housed.



All building is made possible because the students who are unable to pay school fees work during their holidays making mud bricks.  There is a strict account kept of numbers of bricks and every student knows how many bricks must be made per term to pay for fees.



It is truly amazing what the Lord can do through a few dedicated leaders.  Sponsorship of a high school student is $10 per child per month.


We also have a DVD available for purchase for just $10.  Everyone can help by educating family and friends to sponsor a student in Uganda.