Providing care and compassion to those less fortunate in the developing world

Sanare Primary School is very unusual.  The Elders and supporters are mostly Maasai, yet very motivated to develop their school and see their children educated.  There are no sealed roads into or out of Sanare - not even regular or irregular transport.



At Sanare, students are encouraged to wear school uniform every day but to retain their Maasai tradition by learning cultural dance and customs.






The Elders have negotiated and sunk a bore hole 185M deep to produce good, clean water for nearby residents and their cattle.  Maasai wealth is measured by the number of goats and cattle so it is very important that they survive during long droughts.




The boys and girls were very excited to dance for us during our visit.  Their colourful costumes and beautiful beadwork were wonderful and each of us enjoyed our time their immensely.




Sponsorship of a student at Sanare Primary School is A$10 per month.