Providing care and compassion to those less fortunate in the developing world

Several years ago, Genesis began reaching out to the poor widows in the mountains and valleys of South Western Uganda.  In the beginning, we wanted to teach how they could grow enough food to support their families, but the concept has swept through Uganda and in 2009 the Ugandan Government released details of how widows could join together to become self sufficient (exactly as our community development model).



Widows in Uganda have no hope of educating their children without assistance and the Government has no financial aid available.

This widow walks miles every day to dig with her hoe and provide food for her family.

Her life was very difficult until she joined one of our Associations.  To qualify for assistance, each Association must have 20 members who contribute a little money each month as subscriptions.  The must adopt a Constitution, have a bank account and elect a Co-ordinator to attend all meetings and workshops.

When these conditions have been fulfilled, each Association may apply for funding to become more self-sufficient with income generating programmes.

In the past, Genesis have provided manual sewing machines so the widows could learn both sewing and tailoring including pattern-making.


Every member must be able to use the machine to make school uniforms for their children who are attending our schools.

After the uniforms are completed, the widows may use the machine to continue sewing to sell clothing at the market.


Annual Conference is the first weekend of October and more than 2,000 delegates attend to learn more about community development.



As there are now 36 Associations, there is much excitement at the Conference as the widows show their produce and receive their gifts for the year.

Here representatives of the Associations receive their Spray Pumps, roofing iron and sewing machines on the final day of Conference.





Widows are proudly showing us here the clothing they have made and fruit and vegetables grown.

Time to farewell comes too quickly when we visit Associations and we are accompanied down the mountain to the traditional dancing, singing and drums.  We are very proud of the widows and all we are achieving together.